Presale Info & Guide to the XPocket Presale Smart Contract

Technical guide and instructions for participating in the XPocket presale.

The XPocket presale is approaching very quickly (December 19), so we wanted to publish all the details about it, as well as the technical guide about interacting with our Presale Smart Contract. We will be publishing more complete details about the entire process and current sale status soon as well. So stay tuned!

XPocket Token Sale Information

⚠️ First come, first served basis — be ready!
⏩ Any contributions over hardcap will be refunded.

❗️The first stage of the sale will start on December 19th at 9 PM (CET), it will last 3 days, until December 22nd at 9 PM (CET).
The Second stage will start on December 23rd at 9 PM (CET), and it will end on December 26th at 9 PM (CET).❗️


➡️Stage 1: (December 19–22)
11.000.000 POCKET tokens for sale, 1733.36 ETH Hardcap
6346 POCKET = 1 ETH
1 POCKET = 0.000157 ETH = $ 0.098

Min Buy: 0.33 ETH, Max Buy: 75 ETH

➡️Stage 2: (December 23–26)
16.500.000 POCKET tokens for sale, 3466.68 ETH Hardcap
4759.6 POCKET = 1 ETH
1 POCKET = 0.00021 ETH = 0.13 $

Min Buy: 0.33 ETH, Max Buy: 75 ETH


All unsold tokens will be burned. As soon as the token sale ends, POCKET will be listed on Uniswap, and the team will add liquidity.
The listing price on will be announced very soon.
The token sale will be held on our website and in the telegram, the contract (ETH) presale address will be public once the sale officially starts.
Don't forget that each participant of the token sale will be rewarded with the limited edition NFT to their ETH address used, once the xpocket app goes live.

How to participate in the xpocket token sale?

Step 5: Adding POCKET token on MetaMask

Log-In to your MetaMask wallet.
Then, you will see the button “Add Tokens” — click on it.

Then, click on the Custom Token

After that, copy XPocket Token Contract Address: 0x2E44d7742998aBd3FDeaE2c60D4b33ACAfe8aCD8
, and paste it field called Token Contract Address.
Once you do it, other fields will automatically fill up.

Once you do that, the POCKET token will show up, click on the Add Tokens button in the right low corner, and you are all set!

Important Tips for the XPocket Token Sale

  • Do NOT send funds from any wallet that does not give you full control/visibility of your private key. Even if you are able to participate in the presale and claim tokens, your tokens will be inaccessible until your wallet updates to add support specifically for POCKET.
  • It is highly recommended that you use or to transact with our Presale Smart Contract.
    (Our personal recommendation is to use, here you can download it —
  • If you are sending more Ether than you are allowed during the token sale (75 ETH max) period, your transaction will be rejected.
  • If you are sending less Ether than our specified minimum of 0.33 ETH, your transaction will be rejected.
  • Do NOT deposit to any ETH addresses not posted by our team members, or the addresses not revealed on our website.

We will be up in Telegram for any questions you might have.
Best regards,

XPocket team.

XPocket is the completely decentralized mobile wallet app for digital currencies, with built-in, multi blockchain decentralized exchange called PocketSwap.